Importance of Enterprise Mobility Management in Modern workplace

A number of Indian and global MNCs have, since a very long time, upgraded to the concept of BYOD i.e. Bring Your Own Device. Each professional, thus, brings their own device to work and accesses wireless and mobile networks through the company platform. This was initially done to aid the workers and support them with their network needs. Now, it also doubles up as a surveillance system to detect the calls/SMS that could be possibly causing internal fraud.

Importance of Enterprise Mobility Management in Modern workplace

Enterprise mobility management is a tool that allows the owners to keep track of the incoming and outgoing calls and SMS and emails that directly affect the company’s functioning. This process or method of internalizing networks also provides support in cases of data fraud or when the device is lost. Data that is susceptible to fraud has higher chances of being accessed through various unfair means.

Enterprise mobility management looks after this very situation. All the company data on a worker’s device is protected through passwords and easily erased in case a device is misplaced. This reduces the chance of misuse and apotential threat to the company’s database is also diminished.

Key factors for successful implementation of Enterprise mobility management

Within the broad spectrum of Enterprise mobility management, there come three important yet very common issues that need instant requital. These points of consideration also enlist in detail the significant aspects of Enterprise mobility management.

  • Mobile security

In this age of regular mobile habit, handset safety is a major factor to be addressed. Simply because it is easier to access, we tend to store a range of data and recordings that are needed in our workplaces in our phones. This makes mobile security even more significant an issue.

Under the Enterprise mobility management tool, users can easily lock data and other relevant documents on their handsets and prevent any mistreatment on illegal admittance. Furthermore, the set passwords can be brought into use by the administrators and through complete blocking or data wipe out, the records can be protected.

  • Mobile device management

The applications on a personnel’s mobile device need a constant upgrade for the device to function smoothly. Through the enterprise mobility management tool, professionals working on the system make constant efforts towards this and ensure that the handset is managed rightly. This also keeps the data on a mobile handset perfectly synced with the company’s database.

Nowadays, cloud storage have increased that allow users to directly save edits to the cloud storage and rule out chances of data infringement or loss or beyond deadline submissions. Along with this, mobile device management has resulted in better productivity and increased security. Better productivity is dependent on increased security as lesser fear of loss of data induces better commitment towards work.

  • Mobile application management

The applications on a user’s mobile device need correct management for smooth performance of the device. The final output of a person depends on upon the clarity with which the devices around him/her work. Mobility management makes sure that these minor subjects are taken care of, and specific taskforce is delegated towards this certain job.

Enterprise mobility is fast gaining recognition amongst new start-ups as well. This is one aspect of technological advancement that is rapidly seeing growth and popularity.

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