5 Reasons why Amazon Web Services Is a Class Apart

Amazon Is Really Prime

There is a myriad of reasons about why most businesses use Amazon Web Services. Amazon offers with top-notch cloud hosting services that are better than most of regular cloud hosting services. Let us look into top five reasons that make this incredible service so popular with businesses irrespective of scale or size.

  1. Performance

There are certain factors, which a business requires while getting a web hosting service. The factors are significant performance, optimal security, quick disaster recovery, 24/7 management and flexibility. These factors save a lot of time and money being invested in a business and offer 99.99% reliability with seamlessly automated working. Well, AWS has all these factors and that is why, it is a class apart from other service providers.


amazon web services


  1. Cost effective

When looking around for web services, every business needs something that is cost effective and affordable. The amount of money that a business saves with web services can be used in other areas like for gaining traffic and conversion rates.

Amazon Web Services offers convenience where a business has a complete control over its resources. When needed, they can switch on the auto-scale feature and turn it off again when not required. This gives a business the right of selection of services for which they decide to pay.


  1. Flexibility

During peak times, most business owners end up investing more money in resources they don’t need; simultaneously, increasing the upfront cost for any business owner. When using Amazon web services, it is easy to customize, upgrade, maintain and configure programs and software with flexibility.

Business owners can even scale the services that meet all their requirements, eliminating extra investment of time and money. Selection can be made from multiple applications, tools, database, language, script and operating systems, available with AWS.


  1. Timeliness

While provisioning the server, any local company would take more than 48 hours to do so which is no less than a pain. But it is totally different with AWS; it takes minutes to provision the server and test it.

In fact, the use of Amazon Machine Images will enable the business to accept as much as connections it wants, within a short span of time. The service is very ideal for the situation when a business is running its promotional campaign and accepting a lot of traffic to hit it websites in a fraction of seconds.


  1. Try for free

In general, services which are simple to use and offer affordability at the same time are very much preferred. But again, just because something has affordability and availability, these do not simply make it a better option.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is familiar with this concept. It offers the opportunity to register for free and use the services, at least for one year. Only a few months will be enough to understand the importance of buying the paid services, though!!


Some additional benefits are

  • 5 GB storage capacity
  • 24x7x365 customer support center
  • Public forums
  • Guidelines, documents and papers
  • Elastic compute cloud system, including 750 hours usage monthly for Linux and Windows OS.

With Amazon Web Services, it is certain that your business has a lot to gain. Embrace this cutting edge on-demand cloud computing platform and get a performance powerhouse to deliver value for your business.


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