Retail Industry – Overview

Innovative & path-breaking solutions for retail industry by GoodWorkLabs

The retail industry is facing disruptions like never before. Not only have bigger e-retailers such as Amazon and eBay completely altered the retail landscape, but also the customers have become demanding with respect to the kind of service, deals and personalization they expect in order go for a purchase. This turning of the retail sector on its heads has presented challenges to retailers at many levels. They need to continue retaining their customer base while attracting newer customers, in addition to stiff competition, price and servicing challenges. The success on e-retailers / e-commerce players has increased pressure on brick-and-mortar shop owners to step up and provide customer servicing in aspects such as store information, location based services, shelf details and loyalty programs.

With its steady hold on devising technology-based solutions, GoodWorkLabs has strived to turn these challenges into credible opportunities for the retail segment. Our partnership with our clients from the retail segment has seen us deliver path-breaking innovation, products and solutions in the mobile and internet sphere. We have also helped counter the issues of diminishing market share by catering to enhancing efficiencies in field operations, in-store/Point of Sale management, warehousing solutions, loyalty programs, cash-back programs, mobile apps, accounting, CRM solutions, marketing platforms and so on.


GoodWorkLabs offerings for Retail industry

  • Mobile apps for Retailers– Our immense industry exposure in the retail segment has given us a good understanding of this segment. Some interesting examples of how the retail segment can leverage our expertise include the ST Dupont Paris and KlubHub mobile apps. These apps place great premium on enabling amazing user experiences that in turn improves visibility, brings in footfall and increases business turnover. These native apps in Android and iOS, provide the mobile, social media and location based advantage to the retailers.
  • Retail Software Development – We have come up with various applications that help in end-to-end store management and retail business function. Our focus has been on:
  1. People- Here sales staff can easily keep track of the inventory and warehousing needs in order to ensure a smooth retail supply chain. Our software solutions have provided automated field management system that ensures total control over the store’s sales and field employees.
  2. Process– Our aim is that our clients should benefit from newer models of service delivery while retaining same methods for supply chain and inventory management. Towards this we have ensured that our technology deliverable are easily integrated with the clients’ existing systems and result in minimal downtime.
  • UX design for Retail Industry- A highly functional and easy-on-eyes user interface is core to our customer centric designs. For backend processes, our solutions have made it pretty simple to keep track of various components that make up retail supply chain, warehousing and inventory management. Our UX design not only makes like simpler to use our technology solutions, it also adds high degree of efficiency at a much lower costs of operations.

Case Study of Retail clients

Retail Industry Mobile App- St Dupont iPad App

Retail Industry Mobile Application developed by GoodWorkLabs

Headquartered at Paris, France, the upscale super-luxury retailer ST Dupont partnered with GoodWorkLabs with a clear mandate – to improve sales and revenues by easily tapping into leading and emerging trends in retail shopping. Towards this, we have developed and deployed an enterprise mobile app that enabled personalized shopping experience to its existing and newer customers.

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