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Fog computing or fog networking, also known as fogging, is an architecture that uses one or a collaborative multitude of end-user clients or near-user edge devices to carry out a substantial amount of storage, communication and control, configuration, measurement and management rather than controlled primarily by network gateways such as those in the LTE telecommunication core. 

Fog computing can be perceived both in large cloud systems and big data structures, making reference to the growing difficulties in accessing information objectively. This results in a lack of quality of the obtained content. The effects of fog computing on cloud computing and big data systems may vary; yet, a common aspect that can be extracted is a limitation in accurate content distribution, an issue that has been tackled with the creation of metrics that attempt to improve accuracy.

Fog networking consists of a control plane and a data plane. For example, on the data plane, fog computing enables computing services to reside at the edge of the network as opposed to servers in a data-center. Compared to cloud computing, fog computing emphasizes proximity to end-users and client objectives, dense geographical distribution and local resource pooling, latency reduction for quality of service QoS and edge analytics/stream mining, resulting in superior user-experience and redundancy in case of failure.


Advantages of Fog Computing


Fog Computing apart from changing the way we look at computing and being flexible has various advantages as listed below:

– Bringing data close to the user. Instead of housing information at data center sites far from the end-point, the Fog aims to place the data close to the end-user.

– Creating dense geographical distribution. First of all, big data and analytics can be done faster with better results. Second, administrators are able to support location-based mobility demands and not have to traverse the entire network. Third, these edge (Fog) systems would be created in such a way that real-time data analytics become a reality on a truly massive scale.

– True support for mobility and the IoT. By controlling data at various edge points, Fog computing integrates core cloud services with those of a truly distributed data center platform. As more services are created to benefit the end-user, edge and Fog networks will become more prevalent.

– Numerous verticals are ready to adopt. Many organizations are already adopting the concept of the Fog. Many different types of services aim to deliver rich content to the end-user. This spans IT shops, vendors, and entertainment companies as well.


Hire GoodWorkLabs as your Fog Computing Developer


After mastering Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence and providing innovative solutions to clients across all sectors, GoodWorkLabs has also stepped into the exciting field of Fog Computing. With a fully equipped and trained team of ML & AI experts, we have already proven our mettle keeping in mind stringent quality standards and client requirements.

GoodWorkLabs was one of the firms to join the IoT revolution and cloud computing, and later adopted Building sophisticated IoT gateways and by utilizing the edged data transfer, we can deliver future-ready solutions for modern enterprises. We help to shape your connected environment with our Fog computing solutions.

Fog Computing extends the Cloud Computing paradigm to the edge of the network. While fog and cloud use the same resources: networking, compute, and storage and share many of the same mechanisms and attributes, the extension is a non-trivial one in that there exists some fundamental differences arising from the reason Fog Computing was developed: to address applications and services that do not fit the paradigm of the Cloud.

GoodWorkLabs can seamlessly supports both the Cloud and Fog Computing paradigm with native support for device-to-device and device-to-cloud communication. We extend full support and maintenance services for end to end solutions that simplify implementation of Fog Computing.

GoodWorkLabs has extensive hands-on experience in  deploying ML & AI solutions integrated together for IOT as well. We work on all major mobile platforms which allows us to be an all round performer for all clients globally.  We help businesses leverage their go-to-market, reach vast audience, boost brands and transform business processes. We only handle select projects at a time to give the attention your project requires to make it a success.

We are technology pioneers in app and software development and are extending the same accolades with newer technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence. Our Fog Computing can cater to all possible needs of your firm and provide remedies and solutions swiftly.

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