Ecommerce MarketPlace Software

Ecommerce MarketPlace Software

Best Ecommerce MarketPlace Software

If you are planning to start an online store and want to choose a platform, whether it is a single vendor or multi vendor, the decision is yours as it will assist you to set up your company in a manner you want.

But do you think it’s easy to start an online store without knowing about it completely?

With GoodWorks MarketPlace  it is!


It’s not an easy task to build a successful eCommerce store without studying the current business trends. Therefore, we would recommend to take a closer look at below aspects:

· Validate Your Business Goals

· Analyze about User-Behavior

· Market Research

Now, we would like to mention one of the best online eCommerce MarketPlace Software curated by our skilled professionals!

GoodWorkLabs MarketPlace solutions will meet your business needs with 100% customizable solutions. Our marketplace software comes with great features that will make your business successful.

Our Software suite has been built after years of active marketplace research and experience, carefully crafted by our team of skilled designers and developers. It is a potent tool to increase customer retention and gain market favorability.

Our USP lies in its readiness and robustness. It has been launched after numerous hours of testing and constantly improving it to make it more user friendly for both seller and the buyer.

Some of its features are disruptive and unique which will help you gain a larger share of the market.


What Makes GoodWorkLabs Unique?

  • Work as B2B, B2C or both with multi-stores.

  • Provide a strong foundation to support numerous products with ease.

  • Manage complex pricing and inventory as well as supports thousands of suppliers at the same time.

  • Support thousands of suppliers by giving them the admin access to upload products, manage orders and inventory.

  • Manage complex pricing and inventory as well as supporting thousands of suppliers at the same time.

  • Integrate into your potential suppliers’ ERP systems.

  • Allow your guests to checkout, cash on delivery purchases, pin code validation, coupon code promotions, and payment gateway integration.

  • Take care of product returns as well as customer refunds.


GoodWorks MarketPlace Features




  • Integration with your country’s payment options: The platform integrates with your chosen or intended payment gateway, and can support any currency.
  • Multiple design options: Allows multiple design options to suit users.
  • Site security: Apart from standard security measures, many other perks have been included.
  • Easily create pages, content, and forms: Allows easily to create, edit, add pages and data on your platform.
  • Online support and documentation: A detailed documentation and support system that handles all registrations, queries and complaints.
  • Grow Websites: Allows room to grow, bring in new features and update product inventory.


GoodWorks MarketPlace is a ready-to-use software solution that is robustly built and tested for optimum e-commerce performance. It incorporates features that allow both the seller and the buyer to have a smooth trade-off.

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