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Deep learning refers to artificial neural networks that are composed of many layers. It’s a growing trend in Machine Learning due to some favorable results in applications where the target function is very complex and the datasets are large. GoodWorkLabs is a leading Deep Learning Company in India. We help you to integrate deep learning solutions into your business with high ROI.

We are all surrounded by data. An enormous amount of it. It is not only stored on big computational servers all over the world, on the computers in our offices, and cell phones in our pockets and constantly being generated, but also be transferred at a high volume in the air.

“Deep learning” is the new big trend in Machine Learning. It promises general, powerful, and fast machine learning, moving us one step closer to AI. An algorithm is deep if the input is passed through several non-linearities before being output. Most modern learning algorithms including decision trees and SVMs and naive Bayes are “shallow”.

For intuition, if we told you that your main routine can call subroutines, and your subroutines could call sub-sub-routines, but you couldn’t have any more abstraction than that. You can’t have sub-sub-sub-routines in your “shallow” program. You could compute whatever you wanted in a “shallow” program, but your code would involve a lot of duplicated code and would not be as compact as it should be. Similarly, a shallow machine learning architecture would involve a lot of duplication of effort to express things that a deep architecture could more compactly. The point being, a deep architecture can more gracefully reuse previous computations.

Deep learning is motivated by intuition, theoretical arguments from circuit theory, empirical results, and current knowledge of neuroscience.

Advantages of Deep Learning 

  • Has best-in-class performance on problems that significantly outperforms other solutions in multiple domains. This includes speech, language, vision, playing games like Go etc. This isn’t by a little bit, but by a significant amount.
  • Reduces the need for feature engineering, one of the most time-consuming parts of machine learning practice.
  • Is an architecture that can be adapted to new problems relatively easily e.g. Vision, time series, language etc using techniques like convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, long short-term memory etc.
  • It is constantly updating itself and it eases innovation and identifying new potential deal breakers.
  • Deep learning algorithms scale with data. More the data, better the utilisation of deep learning and its associated functionalities. A key advantage of deep learning networks is that they often continue to improve as the size of your data increases.


The GoodWorkLabs expertise at Deep Learning Solutions 

GoodWorkLabs is an industry pioneer in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. We have been striving for excellence in these fields since our inception and have collaborated with numerous clients on various large scale projects.

Deep Learning is one of our prominent forte and we understand its intricacies in and out completely. We are experts on neural network elements and the implementation of supervised or partially supervised learning. At GoodWorkLabs, we constantly strive to provide the best services to our clients, and Deep Learning has allowed us to do the same by providing the following advantages.

1. Optimum Codes.

GoodWorkLabs lets you build deep learning models with an optimum amount of coding. You can quickly import pre-trained models and visualize and debug intermediate results as you adjust training parameters.

2. Adopt Deep Learning From The Experts

You can utilize our ML professionals to learn and gain expertise in the area of deep learning. We make implementation and knowledge transfer practical and accessible.

3. Automation

We enable clients to interactively label objects within images and can automate ground labeling within videos for training and testing deep learning models. This interactive and automated approach can lead to better results in less time.

4. Hassle-Free Integration

GoodWorkLabs can unify multiple domains in a single workflow. You can process your deep learning and programming in one environment. Our solutions offer tools and functions for deep learning, and also for a range of domains that feed into deep learning algorithms, such as high level programming, signal processing, and data analytics to name a few.


Hire GoodWorkLabs as your Deep Learning Software Developer

GoodWorkLabs is a leading new-age outsourced product development firm (OPD) and UX design studio. We focus on helping Fortune 500 companies and startups to design and build robust products such as Mobile apps, software products, and games. With an objective to solve complex problems for customers, the firm specializes in outsourced product development, high-end mobile/gaming apps, and custom software development across technologies including Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP, Mac, iOS, and Android apart from providing world-class AI & ML solutions.

GoodWorkLabs provides passionate, innovative, and experienced machine learning solutions to clients globally.  We have expertise in Machine Learning languages and related platforms to surpass your expectations. Apart from being the most sought out company for app development and software solutions, we have a reputation for delivering quality products on time every single time.

Implementing Deep Learning in your business shall give you a high ROI in the long run but the expertise required is quite high. Only qualified and experienced professionals can assist in the smooth integration of Deep Learning.

So, contact the best deep learning company today and benefit from our rich expertise.

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