The best app development company for Travel and Transport Industry

The best app development company for Travel and Transport Industry

Best Travel & Transport Applications Company

GoodWorkLabs understands the complexities involved in the travel, transport and logistics industry. From manpower to asset management, each sector of the industry can be fully digitized and enhanced. We have already proven our capabilities with several clients from the industry. Our in-house UX/UI designers, mobile app and software developers follow our three pronged approach to deliver quality products to the clients consistently – Analyse. Decipher. Evolve.

Our impetus to make businesses bigger and better has made us one of the best solution providers for the Travel, Transport & Logistics industry.


Our Clients:


Client-software development


The Industry Today

The present travel and transport industry faces major challenges, most of which if ignored can hamper the large scale revenue generation. The need to be cost efficient and minimize risks has never been greater. A proficient method to handle assets and manpower is one key issue that needs to be implemented urgently. A new obstacle that has come up in recent days is that of ‘Corporate Governance’ which is nothing but the set of process protocols that control the industry.

There is a pressing need to balance out the management, customers, government and the interest of the stakeholders. The prime solution in today’s age is unification of processes through technology.


The GoodWorkLabs Approach

GoodWorkLabs is one of the best app development companies in the IT market today. We can help you solve all management and operational concerns by  integrating your processes with technology. The assets, people involved, data and client requirements, all of them need to be on a common page to serve customers better and increase organisational value. Some of the factors that we believe need to be addressed are:

  • Cost efficiency keeping in mind the commercial challenges.

  • Information visibility throughout all sections of the industry.

  • Enabling customer satisfaction.

  • Integrating and simplifying processes across different sections.

  • Digitizing support functions and focusing on customer experience.


Why choose GoodWorkLabs?

Our industry-centric services such as UI/UX designing, Internet Of Things expertise, mobile application development and software development can benefit your firm for a long run. Touted as one of the best app development company by our clients, you can be rest assured that our strategies and solutions will help you sustain and grow immensely.

Our offerings:

1. Mobility and Design Solutions:

We can help you create a competitive edge in the travel industry by creating an easy-to-use, beautiful and user friendly mobile app. We will cover all areas such as User research, Wire frames and Visual designs, and finally ensuring an excellent user experience that keeps users hooked on to your platform for their travel needs.

2. Automation:

We can help you integrate all your processes and create a unified platform for all your services. Collaborating third party tools and building a strong back-end system that easily integrates with your mobile or web applications is something that our technical architects can build for you.

3. Custom Technologies:

We can help you create a complete end-to-end travel solution for your customers. From creating the back-end system that stores customer data to integrating your services with other devices, we can help you build a customized platform for your travel needs.
4. Virtual Reality:

Want to go one step further and create a real-time experience for your users? We can help you create virtual tours of places so that users don’t use your platform as just another ticketing site but as a platform to enjoy a travel experience.

Some of the software we use to create world class solutions for the industry:

  • Java
  • PHP
  • Mean Stack
  • Magneto
  • Shopify
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Subtitle 5
  • Java Script


Case Study:

GoodWorkLabs built a mobile app for Red Taxi, Coimbatore’s largest luxury taxi service provider. The purpose of the mobile app is to simplify and change the way people travel. Our unique approach to app development has given the client a unique product that is user friendly and at the same time keeps the interests of the stakeholder intact.

The mobile app is built for both iOS and Android platforms. It allows users to book a ride easily and choose the type of car based on availability. Right from creating the UX/UI interface, mobile development and back-end data testing and automation, GoodWorkLabs provided Red Taxi with a complete technology solution.





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We have already served with big players like Flipkart, ST Dupont and Avaya. Our client testimonials and reviews are proof enough of our capabilities. Collaborating with an app development company like us is going to strengthen your chances of being one of the best in business.