Hot Technology Trends of 2017 – Our Predictions

Technology Trends of 2017

Latest developments in the tech landscape and current growth of disruptive technologies have created quite a buzz. It’s highly surprising and amazing to find such innovative technologies and tech integrations around us. With a little device in your handbags or pocket, you gain the opportunity to communicate and retrieve crucial information in a hundred different ways.

Top Technology trends expected in 2017

Every year, there’s something new and innovative round the corner which leaves you amazed. You might wonder what’s coming next and marvel at the way how tech advancements can make your life easier than ever!

As we head towards the end of 2016 and look forward to the arrival of 2017, it’s high time to catch a glimpse of the latest technology trends of 2017.

Here is what the entire world is expecting!

1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

With the discovery of Oculus Rift and numerous VR apps, VR and AR technologies have become highly popular in the business arena. Pokemon Go recorded a whopping 100 million downloads thus reflecting the unmatched popularity of AR technologies. If 2016 marked the emergence of VR and AR, the following year would witness its growth and development. 2017 is expected to bring some great news for both Virtual and Augmented Reality.

2. Machine Learning

When it boils down to tracking the growth of Machine learning, you will come across numerous instances. From enhancing Google’s search algorithm to ensuring successful customer retention, machine learning has delivered impactful performances. In 2017, potential users might witness the widespread use of this technology in consumer application development.

3. IoT and smart homes

With market giants like Amazon, Google, and Apple trying their best to create uniform user experiences, the amalgamation of Internet-of-Things and smart home technology is inevitable. The time isn’t far when you will be living in a connected world. Innumerable products, millions of devices, and thousands of appliances will come together to offer seamless experiences to users. IoT has been one of the top tech trends in 2016, and the following year seems to ensure a bright future for it!

4. Big data analytics

Large volumes of unused business data can turn out to be highly crucial resources for your dream venture. Big data analytics emerges as the key to understanding consumer behaviors and better business planning. From business marketing campaigns to medical treatments, big data analytics will ensure effective execution of business processes.

Big data and Business Intelligence have been there for a long time. In the following year, you will witness the use of big data analytics in the qualitative growth of business.

5. Business automation

By 2017, business process automation will turn into the biggest mainstay. From product development stages to consumer interactions, business automation will revolutionize various processes across diverse business environments.

Looks like 2017 is going to be a great year in terms of technology trends! But the list of innovations don’t stop with just these. We are hopeful and excited to see new technologies unfold as the new year sets in!

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