5 Reasons Why Swift Is Preferred For iOS Development

Swift & iOS – The Partnership


When it comes to iOS development, developers have to analyze, assess, and review their choices always. Opting for the right coding script seems to be of paramount significance; however, confusion prevails to a great extent! Most of the programmers get stuck between Swift and Objective C, as both these coding scripts have proved their mettle in the app development arena.

However, recent trends and views have changed. Although Objective-C was the central protagonist till this day, Swift is taking over and emerging as a favorite iOS app development technology for developers. Wish to know how? Here are some reasons that say why Swift happens to be the first preference for developers.

5 reasons why Swift is preferred for iOS development

Reasons why Swift Development is Gaining an Edge

1.     Speed

Swift works on a speedy algorithm that follows the principle of C++. On the other end, Objective-C works on the C API legacy which reduces its speed to a certain extent. Swift 1.2 worked at a reduced speed earlier. With Apple taking the responsibility of increasing its speed, the results can be seen in Swift 2.0.

2.     Interactive and feature-rich

Developers have exciting opportunities while using Swift. The presence of Swift Playgrounds unlocks various opportunities for avid programmers. They can test the software without bearing the brunt of bulky software. While performing code experiments, custom views, and error corrections, developers experience unsurpassed convenience. They just need to provide visualization data and can rectify the errors along with it.

3.     Quality boost

Swift has a unique syntax. In spite of being a high-end coding script, the language comes with a simplified and comprehensible syntax as well as easy language constructions. As a result, developers can create high-quality codes without worrying about crashes. Objective-C comes up with many such errors which affect the development process to a great extent. With the arrival and emergence of Swift, those mistakes won’t be repeated.

4.     Simple and compact

Compared to its competitor, Swift happens to be more compact, analytical, and simple. These are some of the crucial highlights and features of this programming script. Some of the important highlights include:

  • Reduced coding: This programming script gives you the chance to reduce codes from a whopping to 75000 lines to 25000 lines. That will not affect your code’s performance.
  • Easily readable: Swift encourages minimized coding. Developers can create fewer codes which make it comprehensible and easily readable.
  • Reusable: Codes written in Swift are reusable. You can use them for multiple projects.
  • Simple: Unlike its competitor, Swift doesn’t involve any complications. It’s simple, uncomplicated, and easy-to-use.

5 reasons why Swift is preferred for iOS development

5.     Prospects in future

Although many of the developers and tech companies are still using Objective-C, market biggies and tech giants have begun making the shift. Companies like Apple and IBM are already leveraging the power of Swift in their iOS app development process. According to their work plans, efforts are being made to integrate the operations of Objective-C into Swift’s interface.

The Verdict

Swift has a bright future ahead, and there’s no denying this fact. Quite naturally, developers across the globe are choosing it to create stunning applications on the iOS platform.

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