5 Reasons Why Mitra – India’s Own Robot Is Spectacular

Meet Mitra – The Made in India Robot

Mitra – a robot created under the mission of ‘Make in India’ recently attracted many eyes at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2017 where she greeted the honorable Prime Minister – Narendra Modi and Ivanka Trump. Invento Robotics is the smart brain behind creating this 5 foot robot and Mitra is becoming highly popular among the robotics enthusiasts and other industries.

Mitra at GES 2017

Image reference: Hindustan Times – Mitra Robot at GES 2017


Want to know why Mitra is being considered a one-of-its-kind robot in the global robotics arena? Here are 5 good reasons:

1. Quick Development

While all the other humanoids took years for production, Mitra was created in just one year. And even with such quick creation, it contains exceptional and revolutionary features that make the robot extremely spectacular.

The features, the design, and the performance capacity have allowed Mitra to add value to customer interactions at places like Canara Bank as well as PVR Cinemas as well. The robot is being used in many branches of Canara Bank and also assists people with their basic banking queries and surprises guests with its multi-lingual skills. It also interacts and helps people in the PVR cinemas of Bangalore.

2. Better than the best

When it comes to comparison with other humanoids, Mitra is beating the best. In fact, the quality and the performance level of Mitra is being compared to ASIMO, a Honda project in Japan. While ASIMO took about 17 years to get ready, Mitra has matched its performance level within just one year of work.

3. Highly interactive

The name ‘Mitra’ means ‘friend’ and the humanoid justifies the given name completely. The robot has an intuitive capability that allows it to talk and interact with people conveniently. The facial recognition feature helps Mitra instantly recognize customers and provide the desired serrvices. This definitely bumps up the user experience at any store.

4. Memorizes faces

Another great reason for Mitra being an awesome humanoid is its ability to remember faces. The robot has the capacity to memorize the face through different identity signals. This allows the robot to provide a personalized approach to the interactions. This ability is also the reason why Mitra successfully steals the highlight during events and public appearances.

5. Extremely versatile

Apart from all the features, it is the active nature of the robot that makes it highly valuable for various industries. The combined features and mechanical performance allows the robot to perform the given tasks. The ease of leveraging the performance of this humanoid is the reason why Mitra has already started delivering outcomes for stated objectives in banking and entertainment sectors. It won’t be a wonder if it is soon embraced by other industries as well.

In closing..

Thus the above points depict why the humanoid Mitra has obtained the green signals in terms of funding and time. This, in turn, will help it evolve and get more advanced in the coming years. It would be interesting to see the evolution of this humanoid in the coming future across a broader scope of practical applications.

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