How AI & MI Is Helping To Build Next-Gen Applications?

The popularity of artificial intelligence and machine learning has made most of us aware of these technological jargons. We are in a world where we come across these technologies on a daily basis, and they have become a part of our lives. But little do we know the details about it and unknowingly we have made it a part of our lives. From tech to voice to face enabled devices, we all have witnessed a dramatic evolution of technology in the last decade. It did not only contribute towards the transformation of the internet and software industry, but also the lives of individuals. Technologies related to AI and ML are expected to grow in the years to come. Even many social media platforms are today investing an ample amount of money in the development of AI techniques to keep their audiences hooked to the platform. Over-viewing the mobile app industry, it is not a hidden fact that today most mobile applications are built on AI and ML technologies. As the mobile applications do the works of a mini-computer in our hands, it is necessary that it has all the functions that are needed for all our activities – shopping to dating, food to fashion, traveling to surfing, etc.

As per the report by Statista, the global artificial intelligence market is expected to grow greatly by generating 118.6 billion in revenue in 2025. Viewing that, the future of AI and ML technology looks very promising. Therefore, it is a great time to incorporate some AL and ML techniques in your mobile application. This will not only enhance the functionality of your application but also make it feasible for your audience. GoodWorkLabs, the renowned software development company will incorporate AI and ML into your business process to take your business to the next level. Let us look at how two of the leading AI and ML techniques can help build a trending mobile application:


Predict User Behaviour 

With AI technology your customers get the suggestions, recommendations, and notifications of the products they have engaged with on the application.  This is the ideal tool for ecommerce companies as it helps in boosting sales. So what exactly does this? The application knows what the customers are looking for, what they like and what they don’t, what excites them, and what makes them add the items to the cart. Well, you must have got it by now, it is AI and ML.

AI and ML mobile applications developed by top AI and ML app developers help businesses and their marketing teams to understand customer behavior and psychology. The insights drawn provide information on customer choices, preferences, buying patterns, and budgets by capturing data such as age, location, gender, buying frequency, spending capacity, etc. It is the perfect integration of in-depth data learning and observing the user behavior across all devices that help create a 360o view of customers. The data so collected enables the brands to approach each customer group and deliver products that perfectly fit their individual needs.


Virtual Assistants 

Hey Siri! “Play a song for me” 

That is how we connect with our smartphones these days, don’t we? Siri, Alexa, and Google, all are changing the digital way of communication with our phones and mobile applications. The technology helps you use your phone or a mobile application while you are performing some other task. It has made the user experience much seamless and fruitful.

This technology has further strengthened the trend of online shopping. Today, 95% of online shopping in the world is made through voice commands and that shouldn’t be a surprise. Industry to industry, virtual assistants are greatly impacting and disrupting the way consumers purchase and retailers sell/market.

Are you still wondering how can you invest in AI and ML? Lets us connect to build your brand image by incorporating AI and ML in your applications. Our expert team at GoodWorkLabs will understand your requirements to help you with an AI and ML-based mobile application. Connect with us at [email protected]

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