Times Jobs Interviews Founders of GoodWorkLabs on Startup Ecosystems

In an interview with Times Jobs, CEO Vishwas Mudagal and MD of GoodWorkLabs Sonia Sharma got talking about the positive impact of venturing out into the Startup world. Vishwas and Sonia, as some of the most eminent contributors to the Startup Ecosystem in India and USA, believe that entrepreneurs should definitely take calculated risks and venture into alternative industries and fields. Read more about their views on being an Entrepreneur in today’s market here.


Watch the video – “Ideas to Inception – Lean Startup Philosophy”

Watch the video of the session “Ideas to Inception – Lean Startup Philosophy” held at Nasscom Product Conclave 2014 at Kolkata, India. Vishwas Mudagal, CEO of GoodWorkLabs, shares insight into the practical implementation of the lean startup philosophy, tips on how to build customer focused B2B products/ applications, how pivots can help rejuvenate revenue models, importance of UX (user experience) in mobile apps and products, and so on.


Vishwas Mudagal to speak at Nasscom Product Conclave 2014, Kolkata

Vishwas Mudagal, CEO of GoodWorkLabs, will speak at Nasscom Product Conclave, Kolkata on 18th July 2013 on the topic “Ideas to Inception – Lean Startup Philosophy”
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