Designing A Landing Page That Leads To Conversion

If you want to make the most of your digital presence, designing an attractive and captivating landing page will be a crucial marketing strategy. Since landing pages help you earn potential consumers by boosting conversions, there’s no way you can deny its importance.

Designing Landing Pages that lead to conversion

Tracking the importance of a landing page

Before anything else, try identifying the purpose behind designing a landing page. Why do you need a landing page in the first place? As a business owner, you will surely want your target audience and potential consumers to know about your brand. It is imperative to keep them informed about your offerings and provide them with the right piece of information when they need it the most.

There is a distinct way a landing page is different from a standard website. A website provides visitors a glimpse of all your products and service offerings across multiple pages. Each page may have multiple call-to-actions. However, a landing page is one page that promotes just one offering or idea and has no other call to actions to other offerings.

Such targeted promotion from landing pages help you captivate the attention of visitors and generate leads. The purpose of the landing page and the intent of the ad that visitors clicked on to land to your page needs to match in order to enable conversion.

Other than this, here are some crucial tips to drive conversion from a landing page:

1.     Conversion centered design

Make sure that the copy, image, buttons, all work cohesively to match the message of the upstream ad. With a strong message match, visitors get a much better user experience and stay on the page longer – hiking up the conversion potential significantly.

2.     Know your target market

The preliminary step to designing a dynamic landing page is comprehending the target market. From identifying the origin of your visitors to finding out their reasons to visit your site, you must have reliable information on all the crucial factors.

3.     Short or long?

The creation and development of landing page copies demand attention. You must know which copy to create? Is it the old-school long copy format that works best for your site or the short-copy style?  Your choice of the format will determine the popularity of your page.

Designing Landing Pages that lead to conversion

4.     Formatting and presentation

Your landing page has to appeal to the potential visitors, right? It is not just enough to design the page with all the unique features. You should make sure it is formatted and presented in a comprehensive way. Break up or classify the copy into four important segments including:

  • Headlines
  • Sub-header
  • Necessary information
  • Interesting and nice-to-know facts

These breaks will eliminate the monotony of a long and detailed copy. You can reach out to your visitors and convert them into useful leads.

5.     Add videos

Landing pages with self-explanatory and informative videos can popularize your brand to a great extent. Developers should consider adding videos while designing these pages.

Parting thoughts

Your landing page determines business sales, revenues, and profits. Make sure you design it in a unique way thus attracting numerous leads!

Emotions and Your Landing Page

Seldom do we find web developers giving enough attention and importance to emotional reactions while designing landing pages. Some of them might be even unaware of this concept. However, every passionate website designer and developer understands the significance of landing pages. If you wish to have a lowdown on what it does for your digital marketing endeavors, turn to these statistics. According to reliable stats, nearly 48% of web marketers create new landing pages for every single marketing campaign.

That speaks quite a lot about the significance of landing pages in web marketing. But, what has emotions to do with your landing page? Breeze through the article to find out more.

Emotions and your landing page

Introducing emotions    

Human emotions play an instrumental part in the creation of landing pages. And there are two crucial emotions in this context. The first one is ‘immediate emotions’ and the second type is known as ‘anticipated emotions.’ Let’s begin with immediate feelings.

Defining immediate emotions

As the term suggest, immediate emotions refer to instant customer reactions, resulting from several issues affecting their page-viewing experience negatively. The issues can be anything from accessibility, usability, as well as readability. Just about anything that adversely affects your page-visiting experience.

When you encounter glitches while scrolling down a landing page, your immediate reactions can be anything between confusion, frustration, and distrust. On the contrary, a unique product or feature will impress and excite you to the tee.

Measuring emotions

With this brief introduction on immediate feelings, we arrive at discussing the ways of measuring it. Some of the instances available for this particular task are:

I.          CartoDB: With this software solution, you will develop an idea of the location data. The location mapping software will help you identify product appeal and usability.

II.          Acorns: It involves an entirely new and innovative concept. As an online spare-change investment platform, Acorns will offer you a glimpse of user reactions.

III.          Reuters TV: An engaging video streaming app that offers nothing but the correct news. Reuters TV has a direct approach, thus helping users create emotional responses instantaneously.

Identifying anticipated emotions

These are past reactions and emotions offering a glimpse of your customers’ future behavior. Brand owners and entrepreneurs can utilize anticipated emotions to foster reliability, trust, and integrity amongst your potential customers. If your consumers successfully imagine positive outcomes from your brands, then it will not take much time to establish brand familiarity.

Some of the companies such as Grovemade, Madeindays, and Narrative have successfully generated anticipated emotions.

The landing pages of these websites help customers develop imaginations about the credibility as well as usability of the product, thus driving product growth, innovation, and development.

Determine your focus

Your potential customers are nothing but human beings with distinguished taste and preferences. Therefore, you will have to focus on reactions and emotions they nurture about your product. Working on these emotions and leveraging them while creating landing pages will prove to be dually beneficial for you.

As an entrepreneur, you will attract innumerable visitors to your landing page, thus resulting in uncountable leads. These crucial leads will get converted in no time, thus generating massive sales for your dream venture.

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