Why is IoT Application Development Services On The Rise?


With the increasing popularity of smartphones, mobile app development is an emerging trend and is bound to stay in the coming future. Mobile apps offer convenience, making it desirable for customers to access different services such as shopping, ordering food, playing games, etc. This emerging demand for apps has driven companies to build compelling mobile applications that will fulfill consumers’ needs. Mobile app development companies and mobile app developers are leveraging the Internet of Things to develop better applications. As the number of connected devices grows every day, technologies such as IoT & AI open up new opportunities for companies. 


IoT devices come with the privilege of having things connected to each other and various other benefits; therefore, companies are looking forward to IoT to develop applications. As IoT can help companies build next-gen applications, that is why it is on the rise nowadays. Let’s delve deeper into how IoT applications are making lives easier for us –

Increases Efficiency and productivity

Iot brings automation to many redundant tasks. With IoT applications that use sensors, many routine tasks can be automated and optimized. It also allows analytical monitoring in real-time. Customers also enjoy accessibility. The integration of IoT and mobile app development enables consumers to access any interconnected physical object with just a touch of the button on their smartphones. 


Simplifies day-to-day work 

IoT applications provide many advantages to companies, employees, and also households. In companies, it benefits the employees in things such as remote work management, gathering real-time information, increasing productivity levels, etc. IoT applications and devices simplify the lives of employees and increase the employee satisfaction rate.  


Collects Data that can be used for Future Insights

The IoT devices have sensors in them, with which they can collect a large amount of data in many different areas. The collection of large data helps the company to analyze the trends in the data that can be further utilized to improve the features of the device. Research even suggests the total market value of IoT is set to grow to over $3 trillion annually by 2026.


Forms as a Base to Emerging Businesses

As companies realize the power of IoT, more and more devices are coming into the market. The use of The Internet of Things will benefit the economy in the long run, such as increasing operational efficiency. The arrival of new IoT products in the market will enhance productivity and help solve problems that will affect every person’s well-being worldwide.


Gives Better Quality of Life to the World

All technologies and science are developed to benefit humanity and provide a better quality of life, IoT is one of them. It is great to have someone do regular tasks for you to focus more on important ones. The IoT application development service provided by tech companies aims to improve your lifestyle in many ways. For example, wearable devices track the heart rate, body temperature, etc. that help during exercise and even detect any abnormality in the body.  This is possible only with IoT applications and the IoT application development companies that make such devices.

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4 IoT Applications your firm should invest in now

 Rediscovering life with IOT – Internet of Things


We all know how much IOT has changed our lives, and all for the better. Turning your living room lights off with one tap on your iPhone makes life so much easier.  IOT truly defines what having everything at the tip of your finger means. With growing demand for these applications in our lives, the supply also has to play the game of catch-up.


Here are 4 trending IOT applications you should invest your time in:


1. Smart Home

smart home


The highest ranked IOT application across channels has a rapidly increasing demand. More than 60,000 people look up the words “Smart Home” each month. This is the time to invest in these applications as their startup funding currently exceeds $2.5 billion. This includes well-known names such as Nest, AlertMe along with many multinational organizations like Philips, Haier and Belkin.

Smart Home apps: Nest, SmartThings, WeMo


2. Wearables



This is a hot topic in the smart tech industry right now. The Apple watch was a pioneer in this sector when it first launched in 2015. Wearables tend to excite users because they are small, portable and efficient. It is easy to observe how the biggest tech firms are increasingly investing in wearables, as this is the market to watch.

Wearable apps/products: Apple Watch, FitBit, Jawbone


3. Connected Car


connected car


Owing to the fact that the development cycles in the automotive industry typically take 2-4 years, connected cars are coming up slowly. Tech giants like Microsoft, Google and Apple have already announced connected cars platforms. More than that, some brave startups are also investing in this recipe for future success as they also want a piece of the this cake that is going to make them billions of dollars in the near future.


4. Smart City

connected city

Smart city spans a wide variety of uses, from traffic management to water distribution, to waste management, urban security and environmental monitoring. Its popularity is fueled by the fact that many Smart City solutions promise to alleviate real pains of people living in cities these days. IoT solutions in the area of Smart City solve traffic congestion problems, reduce noise and pollution and help make cities safer.


Current projects

The Indian Government is currently investing $15 billion in an urban renewal and retrofitting program with a mission to develop 100 cities all over the country making them citizen friendly and sustainable.


With today’s tech industry giants investing in these applications, it is clear that this is the future. Join the digital revolution and enjoy the benfits you’ll reap in just a few years time!


IoT Trends – Where Is The Internet Of Things Headed?

Although IoT emerged as a concept a few years back, it was in 2015 that it reached unprecedented heights of success. From homes and workplaces to businesses and enterprises, connected devices and Internet-of-Things seem to be the buzzword. With close to 80 acquisitions in 2015, IoT has some of the greatest opportunities this year.

IOT Trends – Where is the Internet of Things headed

However, trends are expected to undergo massive shifts in 2016. Until now, businesses have been taking a keen interest in Internet-of-Things, but not all of them have thought about adopting it.

According to market predictions, 2016 will mark a new beginning for IoT. Entrepreneurs will make the ‘big’ move, thus implementing IoT solutions for their dream ventures. On that note, it’s high time we take a look at the top IoT trends, along with what future has in store for them.

1.      Transactional integrity and advanced data management

Internet-of-Things and connected devices will make operations easier than ever! Manual processes and operations management will take a backseat, thus making it simpler to maintain transactional integrity, construct services, and perform data analytics. With innovative technologies getting discovered each day, IoT will propel your enterprise towards unsurpassed growth.

2.      Data intelligence is important

Connected devices will lead to better data production and analysis. If the past few years have witnessed the rise of Big Data and Data Intelligence, 2016 will take it to the next level. Enterprises will put their best efforts to make the most of Big Data, by leveraging connected devices.

3.      Say ‘B’ for BlockChain

As an integral, crucial, and inseparable part of IoT, BlockChain happens to be of paramount significance. By increasing security and enabling integration or inclusion of less valuable devices, Block Chain makes device control and management a simple and easy affair.

That’s not all; Blockchain also leaves an impactful effect on network traffic alongside optimizing IoT. By reducing network congestion and ‘chatter’, BlockChain happens to be a unique trend to watch out for!

4.      IOT and Cognition 

Leveraging enterprise data will be the key to driving productivity in your company. However, unrelated and outside data can help your dream venture earn that competitive edge in the market. Identifying and analyzing social, weather, and language data might just prove to be the key differentiator for your business.

Simply put, it’s the capability of handling large data inputs along with the power to produce meaningful outputs that make all the difference. It’s here that cognitive IoT emerges as a unique and effective approach to make it happen.

As a bottom line, IoT will continue to revolutionize business organizations thus leading them towards unsurpassed growth and innovation. However, the trends will be quite different this time. Enterprises will no longer consider IoT as just a crucial technology. Rather, it will emerge as an integral part of their enterprise infrastructure.

What’s your take on this?

The above discussion brings us to a crucial question. With such advancements, transformations, and trends, the Internet-of-Things is heading towards revolutionary growth and development. As an entrepreneur, how will you adopt these changes and incorporate them into your existing business infrastructure? Do write in to us and let us know.

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