Five Apps that can Boost your Exam Preparations

apps for exam preparationPreparing for an exam seems like a very dull and boring task for students. No matter what you do, the exam preparation always runs at a snail’s pace. But wait… you now have a trusted friend that can help you enjoy your exam preparation. It is your Android or iPhone smartphone app. They help you in various ways to prepare effectively and smartly for your exam. Today we present some notable applications offering interesting solutions for exam preparation. Here they are –

1. Exam Countdown – You can install this useful app free of cost on your Android phone. The app offers planning scheme as well as daily to-do list. You can easily manage your daily exam preparation targets through this planning app. You can tick off the finished tasks as they get completed. A vital benefit of using this app is the expert tips and guidelines given by experts. These tips can add to your information base before you take the exam.

2. Flashcards – This app removes the burden of heavy notebooks from your shoulders. No matter if you are traveling before exam or studying on the go, you can store and carry all your exam notes through this app. All your significant remarks and comments can be added on the side to your notes. You can study as well as will not feel bored by the load of books in front of your eyes. This app is available for iPhone at $3.99 only.

3. BigWords – This application makes the best deals on books accessible for you. Through this application you can find the best deals on books. It also helps in doing a quick comparison of the inside data that helps you in making an informed decision. It offers information on the recently launched books from your area of interest. Also, it saves your precious time that could have been spent in visiting market for buying books. This app is available free of cost.

4. Soloman Series 7 Exam iPhone App – if you are polishing your reasoning skills for a series 7 exam, this Android app is certainly the one you should not miss out on downloading. The impressive combination of questions and practice papers give you the freedom to play mind games that sharpen your memory. You can try out around 400 practice examinations created by experts in your particular subject area. You can try this practice app on your Android Phone for $9.99 only.

5. GMAT Toolkit App – If you are preparing frantically for GMAT Examination this year, this app will be a must-have for your iPhone. It has a proven record of success in preparation for GMAT. The substance and quality of questions and abundance of practice papers help immensely in brushing your revision in very less time. You can learn a lot through strategic revision tests taken through this app. If you haven’t used it, try out it this time for $24.99 only exclusively on your iPhone.

Apps that focus on little group study and group discussion too eliminates your boredom while you head on to make a winning strategy for your upcoming exam. To excel in upcoming exams, get out your smartphone and try one of these apps today!

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