Google’s Classroom Mobile App for Teachers Received Over 30 Million Assignments

Google Classroom app

Smartphone apps have definitely changed a lot of things associated with our lives. One thing is for sure that the young people around the world, particularly the ones in schools and college have been greatly benefitted by the use of smartphone apps. As per some sources, over 40 million students from different parts of the world make use of Android apps for education in some or the other way. No doubt, this figure is expected to increase manifold in the near future. This is the reason why even teachers are not behind in utilizing the platform of Google and iOS apps to help their student in improving performance. In case you are wondering how on earth the educational apps can prove helpful for the teachers then you must go through this blog.

Sharing of Information

With the help of mobile apps, teachers are now able to distribute information among their students, that too in almost any kind of form. Be it Word file or PDF, with just few taps now a teacher can easily send across multiple files to his or her students, which can be assignments, study materials, exam details, etc. Not just that, the same apps can even allow the teachers to assess their students’ performance, and provide instant feedback on the same. Nearpod and Exitticket Student Response System are two such perfect examples. Extremely easy to use and highly efficient, these mobile apps can be used to encourage as well enhance digital teamwork between the students and their teachers.
Considering the huge numbers of educational apps users, Google recently came up with an excellent mobile app called Classroom. This brand new app will allow the teachers to keep their students informed about the upcoming assignments, and it will also help the instructors to set the status of the assignment as done/incomplete. Since its inception, over 30 million assignments have made their way through this mobile app.

Bringing in Agility and Mobility

So, unlike the traditional ways that involve distribution of paper based assignments among the students and then collecting the same from them for the assessment, the mobile app version offers greater flexibility and efficiency. Most importantly, this version of education significantly brings down the amount of time wasted in the allocation of assignments; its collection; assessment of the same, and finally sharing the feedback with the respective students. In short, the mobile apps for educational purpose have added amazing mobility and agility to the teaching and assessment methodology.

Something More

The mobile apps for education are not just about teaching purpose, but some of them perform larger roles. Nowadays, teachers can maintain a record of their students’ set of behavior through the mobile apps. The same apps can be used to report a case of bad behavior to the supervisors or to the respective parents. Teacher’s Assistant Pro and Teacher Aide Pro are two such apps you can check out. Hence, the apps are helping teachers to organize their classroom in a more effective way. In this way, teachers now have more control over the students’ performance with the help of mobile apps.

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