5 Must Have Apps for Teachers

Apps for Teachers

Apps for Teachers

Technology has changed teaching trends significantly. Today, the focus has shifted to STEM education and more emphasis is being given to STEM classes. The educator has also become the student and requires more than just a workbook to teach and motivate students to learn and understand using technology.

Just like every sphere of life has an app, there are numerous apps available specifically for teachers to engage students, improve student behavior and make classroom sessions more interesting and fruitful.

Here are 5 must-have apps that all teachers should have to get desired results in the classroom.

1. The ClassDojo App

The ClassDojo app acts as a classroom tool that provides techniques to bring quick changes to classroom behavior. One good thing about this app is that it allows the teacher to capture and generate date related to student behavior and share with parents as well as administrators.

Teachers also can use the app to give feedback and encourage or motivate students. The app allows teachers to submit and view data and reports related to student behavior.



2. Edmodo

The Edmodo is a wonderful support aid for teachers. This amazing app helps teachers improve their level of interaction with students, even when both are not physically present in the school. The Edmodo app lets teachers and students enjoy secure classroom discussions and easy sharing of assignments. Besides these features, the app lets teachers upload important files related to projects and lessons that students can use and refer to.



3. Remind 101

The Remind101 app helps teachers send announcements and notices to parents and students. Although a common functionality, this app has a unique feature – it prioritizes privacy.

The app lets the teacher hide their contact details and/or identity when sharing information with parents and students. In addition, the personal details of recipients too are kept hidden. The ‘privacy’ feature offered by the Remind 101 app makes it different and more effective compared to apps that offer the same features and functionalities.



4. Math Formulas

It is quite difficult to remember all the math formulae related to different equations and mathematical concepts. Not remembering the formula in a classroom setting can send teachers into a tizzy. This is where the Math Formulas app comes to the rescue.

It is a compilation of innumerable math formulae. These formulae cover almost every topic in math, from trigonometry to geometry and algebra to matrices. However, this particular app is available only for Android devices, but you can get similar apps for iOS devices, as well.



5. Geddit

The Geddit app is designed to help teachers identify students’ weaknesses and strengths. This amazing app lets teachers understand a student’s attitude to learning and their ability to understand different aspects of a lesson.

This interaction through the app allows the teacher to cater to the individual needs of students, conduct a one-on-one session for better comprehension and assist students get confident to progress to the next level.


If you are an educator, these are the 5 apps you should have on your smart device to improve interaction with and make learning fun for your students.

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