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Ruby On Rails Developer

Best Ruby On Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails is open source software, so not only is it free to use, you can also help make it better. Ruby on Rails has been popularizing both concepts along with a variety of other controversial points since the beginning.

There are two key reasons why Ruby on Rails is so popular among startups:

  1. Rapid development within budget
  2. Strong ecosystem and high compatibility

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Rapid Development within Budget

A start up needs to carry out tremendous amount of development with limited resource. Ruby on Rails is meant for speed and simplicity. Guided by principles, this framework allows startups to build application with limited budget while maintaining high quality. All rails have a common structure and when a startup hires an experienced developer, she immediately knows where to find what. Initializers, configs, modules-everything will be at her fingertips immediately. This is very much consistent with the lean structure of a startup.

Strong Ecosystem and High Compatibility

Development speed depends on compatibility with the existing ecosystem. RoR is an open source framework that is free and widely available. It has lots of free plugins (gems) that adds great benefits to the application. Many startups prefer to deploy their apps on a PaaS (Platform as a Service) provider as PaaS significantly lowers initial software adoption cost. Nearly all of these support Ruby on Rails out of the box (Heroku, Engine yard etc). REST API is another buzzword today in web development. Rails  incorporates “RESTful Architecture” out of the box. This means startups do not need to hire someone to implement RESTful code. Rails would ensure that anyway.

What makes RoR truly unique?

  • Bundler – Audit

Updates and fixes can leave your program with small security vulnerabilities that are hard to catch. Bundler performs a thorough audit of your application’s Gem version and produces a report of any security issues that need to be patched. Each issue is given a level of criticality and upgrade solutions.

  • Pundit– User Authorization

Someone new to web development (or outside stakeholders on a project) might confuse authorization and authentication. Authorization decides what abilities a user has on a certain application or website. If you’ve ever received an error message that you didn’t have proper admin rights to perform a task on an application, you’ve seen user authorization in action.

  • Rails ERD – ActiveRecord Diagrams

In the discovery phase of an existing application, learning how different models in a project relate to each other can be a tedious and confusing process. Rails ERD generates diagrams of your ActiveRecord Models to help you visualize connections and dependencies.

  • Chartkick – Chart Creator

This gem creates stunning Javascript charts with one line of Ruby, saving you time spent working with charting libraries. While it’s not the most extensive data visualization tool, it’s speedy. You can go from nothing to engaging charts and graphs in just a few minutes.

  • Annotate – Annotate Rails Classes

New developers or anyone working on a large application with a complex data structure will find Annotate to be a lifesaver. This Gem annotates Rails classes with schema and routes info. On projects where the schema is kept in sql format, Annotate will save you from looking at migration files or spinning up an instance in the console when you need to know about the attributes on a model.

  • MetaTags – SEO-Friendly Rails Apps

SEO can sometimes feel like deciphering hieroglyphics. Experts guess on new aspects of Google’s algorithm nearly every week, but there are a few staples of SEO that have remained integral for years. MetaTags simplifies SEO by allowing you to easily set all of the tags and descriptions you need for your web page.


Why hire GoodWorLabs as your Ruby on Rails Developer?

Our technicians are well qualified and certified on Ruby. Their knowledge base is wide and they have expertise on all the following:

  • Ruby Basics: Array & Hashes, Blocks, Procs & Lambdas in Ruby, Control Flow & Looping in Ruby, etc.
  • Ruby Syntax
  • Object-Oriented-Programming (OOPs) Concepts
  • Fundamentals of web programming: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JavaScript Frameworks
  • Basic Knowledge of continuous integration
  • Metaprogramming
  • MVC Architecture
  • Rails Web Services, RESTful Actions
  • Cucumber Testing

The GoodWorkLabs Advantage

GoodWorkLabs is an industry pioneer when it comes to adapting and implementing new technologies. Ruby on Rails is our homeground and we have worked extensively on huge projects with many esteemed clients. We understand Ruby on Rails in and out and our professional developers are the only team you will ever need.

Most of our customers are  Startups and Fortune 500 companies who want to build innovative software and mobile products. We help them in every step of the process from ideation, architecture, design, coding, testing, user experience (UX), UI, go-to-market strategy, launch plans, post-launch analysis, customer feedback and continuous improvement of the product to win in their respective business segments. We are a powerhouse of hands-on end-to-end software product experience, which is very different from software services companies.

We are a group of proven industry leaders who have come together to solve challenging software problems in the business world. And RoR is our primary playground.

Come and build the next disrupting software for the market!


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