Mobile Applications for Real Estate

Mobile Applications for Real Estate

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GoodWorkLabs understands the requirements and challenges of each industry. We have served different clients from the Real Estate sector with our personalized approach and problem-solving abilities. We have helped our clients with some of the most resourceful platforms and assisted them in maintaining a strong presence in the market. Our services have given us a reputation of being the best solution providers for Realtors.


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The Real Estate Scenario

It is imminent that with the moves by the Government like demonetization and digital economy the unorganized and the less organized segment of Real estate sector like any other trade and services with high cash economy will be altogether wiped out in due course, vacating the place only to the existing and the new reputed developers who have good practices.

Buyers are going to have the best time in the coming years. With surplus liquidity and lower cost of funds for the banks, lending rates by commercial banks will come down which is good for the sector. Banks may further relax their margin requirement stipulations for the home loans. Home buyers will find it easy go in for Housing loans. Consequently, demand for housing will go up.

With a need for good practices and a sudden surge in business expected, realtors need to go digital and hold hands of technology to sustain themselves. With concepts such as Virtual Reality and Internet Of Things, coming into the picture, a realtor squeeze as much revenue as possible from technology.


GoodWorkLabs Solutions For Real Estate

GoodWorkLabs boasts of a unique UX/UI Design Studio, skilled software professionals and knowledgeable technology experts on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, who adapt rapidly according to the client and industry requirements.

We meticulously follow our DNA of while problem-solving:

 Beauty– Beautiful, easy to use, efficient solutions.

 Scalability– Tough, bug-free, optimized and scalable code.

 Agility– Build interactively and efficiently.

 Innovation– We believe in changing the world through technology & design.

With our approach and technological brilliance, the following can be implemented to boost business:

1.  Mobility: Engage more buyers with unique user experiences provided by our creative UX/UI design team and proficient mobile application developers. With more and more people adopting the mobile platform, our mobility solutions will allow you to reach out to your target audience effectively.
2.  Management Systems: Our Software team with their command in Ruby on Rails, Java, React JS, Angular JS and other prominent programming tools can digitize your processes such as lead management, focused marketing, budgeting, consumer financing and analytics to ease your burden.
3. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality: Augmented Reality applications on the site can help your buyer go through all the buying options conveniently. All the buying options and related information can be accessed through a single touch. Virtual Reality can change the way how you sell. Within the comforts of your office, the buyer can take a virtual tour of the available properties in a 360 degree immersive experience. This will widen your company horizons, cut down transportation costs and ease user access to your properties.


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‘Slow and steady wins the race’ was applicable to the good old times when the demand and supply in the market were limited. These days, ‘fast and consistent’ bags the prize and with our innovative solutions for your business you can be consistent and swift in the long race to your property’s prosperity.