Carer Program – A Cancer Recovery Program

Carer Program – A Cancer Recovery Program


Customer Success Story | Carer Program

The Carer Program is a one of a kind cancer recovery and rehabilitation program that uses an online platform to deliver holistic therapies for cancer patients post their treatment.

GoodWorkLabs team first understood the technology and design requirement that would make the platform user friendly. We gave special attention to minute details such as color codes, fonts, background textures etc keeping in mind the persona and state of mind of users who will be using the platform. The design had to create a very soothing effect and connect with the user at a sub-conscious level.


Client Testimonial:

Samara Mahindra, the Founder of the Carer Program recently shared her experience of working with the GoodWorkLabs team.

“There were many things that stood out with GoodWorkLabs, I think one is the efficiency and just trust! I have worked with many other technology companies, but this is the one company that I can really trust. If there is any glitch in the program or if there is any kind of technical difficulty, or if I want any advise when it comes to do anything with technology, I know I have a team that is there by me who are super efficient and shall get the job done”



With the help of lean UX methodologies, we worked towards creating a soothing yet impactful design with excellent user interactions. Here is a snapshot of the designs we created for the Carer Program.

carer program design


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