PhoneGap App Development Company in Bangalore, India

PhoneGap App Development Company in Bangalore, India

GoodWorkLabs – We are the Best PhoneGap App Development Company!

PhoneGap App Development and GoodWorkLabs are almost synonymous, our developers simply are the Best PhoneGap App Developers on the market. There’s a reason for that, in the business of web development there’s one service we are known for, and that’s beautifully seamless technology. We hold no bars when it comes to our imagination but paradoxically, we also excel at creating strategically sound products that help client companies succeed every day. We believe that it is this inherently strategic design oriented approach that makes us truly different from the rest.


PhoneGap Development is the top choice for your company!

PhoneGap is an open source framework for developing mobile apps. PhoneGap App Developers at GoodWorkLabs prefer using PhoneGap to develop some of the best mobile applications for our client companies. The clear advantage to choose PhoneGap app development is that it provides access to all native mobile device apps (such as Accelerometer, GPS, Camera, Storage, Contacts, Network, etc.) through APIs, increases app efficiency and vastly reduces reaction time.
Our PhoneGap Developers use this framework to rapidly develop cross-platform apps by using tried and tested languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Your app’s code base, once written, will work on all major platforms and will not need to be ported to multiple languages! Also, being an open-source app-development framework, it is very popular among mobile app developers and has great community support.


The Advantages of having a PhoneGap App developed by GoodWorkLabs, Bangalore, India

At GoodWorkLabs, we keep the principles of Agile and Scrum Project flow very close to our hearts, this essentially means that we’re constantly on the lookout for newer and better ways of app and software development. Working with PhoneGap has been one of our guilty pleasures as it makes the process of app development super easy for both our designers, and well as the developers!
Here’s why getting your app development done in PhoneGap makes economic and strategic sense:
You write your codebase once and port it to as many platforms as you want!
Because PhoneGap apps are cross-platform, you widen your reach to your users in a single stroke. By creating a single app, you can deliver across devices and on platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows.
Again because of the single-source codebase, the cost and development-to-delivery lag is short!
PhoneGap is feature rich. It provides access to all native APIs of the device. You can access device APIs that include Accelerometer, GPS, Camera, Storage, Contacts, Network, and more.


Here are the some of companies GoodWorkLabs has worked with:




Design Thinking at the heart of PhoneGap App Development

Nothing makes or breaks an app quite like design. What most Mobility Services Companies forget is that developing the app is only half the matter. We believe that at the heart of any great app lies brilliant design that is not only functional but it also aesthetically pleasing.
The UX Design Studio at GoodWorkLabs is known for some of the top talented designers in the app development world. We believe in following a curated methodology for creating some of our world class applications. The designers believe that their involvement starts from the minute a client gets on board, with research and project analysis, we move on to creating a series of mock-ups, and only upon their approval by our clients do we move on to the application prototype.
Now what makes all the difference to our products is that we don’t stop at great looking design but move on to actually testing them for efficient usability before handing it over to the PhoneGap App Development Developers.


How a PhoneGap App Development firm help you build the best Mobile App

We are no longer going to talk about the coming of the age of mobile apps, because at GoodWorkLabs, we know that the mobility services industry is well into becoming the largest players in the tech field. Our PhoneGap App Developers have been at the forefront of our firm’s best services since our inception and we have not stopped evolving.
This is why we believe that as the Best Web and Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore, India and San Francisco, CA, GoodWorkLabs would be the top choice for your agency to create the best PhoneGap App ever made.


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