UI/UX Design and Mobile Apps for NGO

UI/UX Design and Mobile Apps for NGO

Mobile applications for Non-profit Organizations:

A Non-Profit Organisation is a decisive element is today’s society. Such organisations fight for the fundamental rights of citizens and social causes with the involvement from other socially responsible citizens. NGOs across different parts of the have actively improved the living conditions for refugees, women, children and the list goes on.

We at GoodWorkLabs believe in such social causes and are prepared to assist such organisations with technological upgrades.

Our Clients:

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What can GoodWorkLabs offer NGOs:

NGOs, nowadays are carrying out their activities on a large scale and need a strong foundation to ensure hassle-free operations. Technology can leverage capabilities of any organisation including NGO’s by:

  • Expanding reach and participation.
  • Increasing efficiency by digitizing basic processes.
  • Delivering planned results.


GoodWorkLabs can implement the above three ideologies utilizing our in house team of experienced mobile application developers, software developers and skilled UX/UI designing team:

1. Mobility Solutions:

We have helped NGO’s propel initiatives of social change by integrating their operations with the latest technology. Our UX/UI designers dive in deep to conduct user research across all age groups and craft designs that appeal a social cause. We build both mobile apps (Android & iOS) and games that will enhance your customer experience. Through these mobility solutions, you will be able to reach your target audience effortlessly.

We have collaborated with organisations such as EkStep, iRAP to build powerful products that create a social impact.

2. Process Refinement & Automation:

By digitizing basic processes using our skilled software development team, we can increase efficiency and help you reach your goals. Content management, analytics, simplification of admin processes will help you build an ecosystem that can implement convenient practices to simplify your efforts towards a better world.

3. Consulting:

If you lack the required manpower/resources for your technological requirements and you are looking to hire on a temporary basis, we can help you close this gap by professional staff augmentation. Our competence in hiring the best talent pool can nullify your problems.

A strong social media presence through app engagement and responsive tools will not only increase you NGO’s credibility but also garner active participation from all spheres of the society. A process oriented approach with the assistance of technology can help you and your NGO pave the way for a better world that we all want to live in.


Case Study – Technology platform for EkStep to distribute e-content to schools

Our client EkStep, a social initiative by Nandan Nilekani (co-founder of Infosys), came up with an ambitious project to educate 150 million students across rural India to improve their reading and arithmetic skills using tablets and smartphones.

GoodWorkLabs was entrusted to design and build their main app called Genie through which rural students will get access to content based on their native language and grade.

EkStep Genie had this unique feature in it that enabled it to be used by two types of audience Adults and Kids. This feature was built into one application that allowed the adults to access all elements of the application while the kids were only allowed to access particular areas of the application.

The challenge was to create an entertaining & captivating experience for children to make learning fun, creating avatars that was relevant to their region of India & adding regional languages.

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GoodWorkLabs is extremely fortunate to be one of the core technology partners for EkStep and contribute towards the noble cause of educating upto 150 million students in the next 5 years. It was heartening to see Bill Gates appreciate our client EkStep during his visit to India in 2016.

Read more on Bill Gate’s thoughts about EkStep here


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GoodWorkLabs supports all noble causes and our team will be more than happy to extend our brilliant product services in envisaging a better society for tomorrow.