Mobility Solutions for Media and Entertainment Industry

Mobility Solutions for Media and Entertainment Industry

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GoodWorkLabs has established itself as one of the most reliable mobile and software application developers in the IT market today. Our out-of-the-box approach has helped media and entertainment companies disrupt the market time and again. We understand client business better than others and focus on delivering high-end products with the excellent user and customer experience. GoodWorkLabs offers a variety of mobility solutions for media and entertainment industry to bring innovation to digital strategies through mobile solutions, enabling them to lead the ever-changing media landscape.

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Entertainment in today’s age

The media and entertainment industry today is a vast industry that grows daily at an exponential rate. The online user today wants everything at the tip of his phone and tablets. With the existing business models being challenged on a daily basis by new competitors, there is a constant necessity to look out for innovative solutions.

The US market alone is worth more than $650 billion and is expected to touch $800 billion by 2019. With various sections of the industry constantly evolving itself, the stress now lies in breaking new grounds consistently. With big players like  Comcast, Viacom, Walt Disney and 21st Century Fox and video-on-demand companies such as Netflix and Amazon Prime  setting the benchmark, other media houses need to commit to adopt new age technology.


The GoodWorkLabs response

Social – Solutions for social media engagement and in-depth analytics.

Mobile – Mobility for any industry has become the mainstay and shall remain so in the future.

Analytics – Active and accurate reports for products and processes are a must.

Cloud – Cloud storage allows accessibility, flexibility and improves user experience on a large scale.


The Challenges

  • Depletion of revenue from traditional platforms.

  • Reduction in the time gap between production and market availability.

  • Initiating new mediums of distribution.

  • Media availability according to user’s convenience, ‘anytime-anywhere’ delivery.

  • Need to elevate existing digital structure.

Our Expertise

  • Mobility Solutions: New age viewers devour entertainment predominantly on their mobile devices. An uninterrupted flow of media on different ‘on the go’ devices is a fundamental prerequisite.

  • Automation: Leading-edge technology imbibed in your processes can ease your shift from non-traditional platforms, establish new mediums of distribution efficiently and reduce time gap enormously between production to consumer delivery.

  • Delivery Engineering for Cloud Storage:  Storing media on a cloud can provide liquidity to the content and it can flow across all distribution channels hassle-free. Creating a strong delivery solution from cloud to all platforms hence becomes a major necessity.

With our skilled team of software developers, mobile application developers, Internet Of Things experts and a creative UX/UI design team each realm can be augmented for the future. GoodWorkLabs can provide you with an end-to-end technology solution integrating different channels as mentioned below:


1. Entertainment:

– Management of distribution channels and active insights.

– Automated product performance reports.

– Solutions for an end to end monetizing of content.

– Mobility Solutions for media streaming.

2.  Broadcasting:

–  Mass storage and assimilation solutions.

–  Advertising and contract management systems.

3. Informative Services:

–  Centralized data inflow and outflow systems.

–  Information mapping and analytics.

–  Subscription management and Content management solutions.

4. Mobility Solutions:

– Services such as UX/UI designing to enhance consumer experience and engagement.

– Establish a point of sale for premium media.

– Integrate cloud storage, primary distribution channels, and mobile platforms.

– Utilize Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality to boost app engagement.

5. Digital Publishing & Social Media:

–  Digital publishing solutions for publishers.

–  Develop apps and games to engage social media audience.

–  Mobility Solutions for digital publishing and consumer analytics.


Case Study for Entertainment Industry:

GoodWorkLabs focuses on ‘design-first’ approach and in creating a brilliant user experience when it comes to mobile applications. Here is a snapshot of how we can create intuitive designs for the entertainment industry to boost user traction and engagement.


mobility solutions for media and entertainment industry


Click here to view the entire case study.


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GoodWorkLabs has a team of highly skilled software developers and UX/UI designers with various accomplishments across different industries. We have already made a mark with our unique customer-oriented products and solutions. We are looking forward to providing Mobility solutions to the exciting media and entertainment industry and prove our worth across all sections of the industry.