Data Lake-as-a-Service

Data Lake-as-a-Service

Data Lake Service

Welcome to the world of an easy and efficient way to access and store exabyte-sized data, both structured as well as unstructured conveniently. Data lakes can easily cater to the scalability, agility, and flexibility required to operate the modern analytics approaches for deeper insights. The security and governance of data are kept at the highest of priority and thus the data credibility is not compromised at any level.


data lake as a service


Key features of Data Lake

Experience unparalleled throughput with enterprise-grade security at the cost of pennies/GB. With Data Lake-as-a-service, it is now very easy to work with big data. The key features offered by this service are simply unmatched. Let’s have a look:

  • You get access to infinitely scalable active data storage at meager prices.
  • As data security is the top priority, the data in transit is fully encrypted.
  • Multi-terabit throughput architecture at your disposal.
  • With Data Lake-as-a-service, you get native NoSQL integration which is fully HDFS compatible.

Other Features

Data lake efficiently stores both structured and unstructured data of all types. To put it vividly, you can store your social media feeds, machine data, clickstream, logs, biometric sensor data, CRM/ERP exports, audio/video recordings, NoSQL or RDBMS exports, and any other possible collectible data on Data lake. Besides storing data, you can make the data available for any app and get started with unique business insights.


1) Native HDFS Integration

This is a much-needed feature as any Hadoop compatible app like Kafka, Drill, Spark, NoSQL DBs can access the data lake service by using binary HDFS protocol.


2) High Throughput

The throughput rate is quite astonishing with service touching 40 Gbps. The data moves swiftly and is quickly transferred to mission-critical apps which process large data volumes instantly.


3) Supports files of all sizes

As mentioned earlier, there is no limit on the amount of data that can be stored in the data lake. Also, there is no restriction on the size of individual sizes.


4) Enterprise-­Grade Security

In order to ensure data security, data lake uses data in transit encryption.


The Era of Data Lake-as-a-service

With Data Lake-as-a-service, the need for overly expensive on-premises storage solutions is practically eliminated. On-premises storage solutions are very difficult to manage plus they don’t promise scalability. Data lake serves all your big data use cases, irrespective of how many data types or how large dataset, you wish to collect, process and analyze.


Why opt for Data Lake-as-a-Service?

Following pointers supports why your organization needs Data Lake-as-a-Service:

  • It is a high-capacity repository which can scale indefinitely.
  • This service integrates and expands with your current data warehouse.
  • Now that on-premises storage facilities are no longer required, you are freed from purchasing expensive licenses and new hardware.
  • Data lake service is accessible from anywhere in the world.


Ready to explore this possibility?

Let our team of data scientists manage your big data operations with our services. If you haven’t already planned to quit the on-premise data storage scheme, now is the time. Let us be of assistance so we can cover your Big Data collection and analytical requirements end-to-end.

Drop your details here and our business executive will get back to you shortly explaining the whole process.

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