Best Cognitive Computing Solutions

Best Cognitive Computing Solutions

Cognitive computing is the simulation of human thought processes in a computerized model. Cognitive computing involves self-learning systems that use data mining, pattern recognition and natural language processing to mimic the way the human brain works. 

IBM came out with this term “Cognitive Computing” when CEO Ginni Rometty took over the charge and IBM Watson started drawing attention from most of the AI researchers.

In broad sense,  “Cognitive Computing”  = Devices + Machine Learning techniques. 

Cognitive computing systems use machine learning algorithms. Such systems continually acquire knowledge from the data fed into them by mining data for information. The systems refine the way they look for patterns and as well as the way they process data so they become capable of anticipating new problems and modeling possible solutions.

Cognitive computing is used in numerous artificial intelligence (AI) applications, including expert systems, natural language programming, neural networks, robotics and virtual reality. The term cognitive computing is closely associated with IBM’s cognitive computer system, Watson. 


The Cognitive System Criteria

  • It has to be adaptive. A piece of software or hardware that only works for a single purpose is static and not cognitive (e.g. the Jeopardy Watson)
  • It has to be interactive. Although black-box systems might be a thing is certain cases, we all can agree that most interesting use cases involve interaction with people
  • It has to be stateful. For instance, when we’re talking about a conversation bot like Siri, it would have to consider the whole conversation history when processing a question, not just the current input string. I don’t want to rephrase, but rather refine.
  • And lastly, “cognitive” – above all things – means that a system is able of cognition. This means the system should be able to learn incrementally and automatically. Anything else would make it a static intelligence or supervised learning machine.

The GoodWorkLabs expertise at Cognitive Computing 

GoodWorkLabs has constantly been the industry pioneer in terms of technology and its understanding. Machine Learning & Cognitive Computing has always aroused our tech-oriented thought process and we have dug deep time and again to understand its implementation in a better manner.

Through our grasp on Cognitive Computing, your business can again the following abilities: 

  • Ability to process ideas instead of numbers and keywords.
  • Ability to differentiate between good quality and bad quality inputs, especially the ability to handle cognitive calibration.
  • Ability to reason and decompose problems into various steps with varying amount of sophistication at each stage, from deterministic processing to using full weight of cognitive computing.
  • Ability to generate and work with hypotheses.
  • Ability to modify behavior as per the given context.

Apart from the above mentioned abilities, our expertise assures you of the following three aspect of Cognitive Computing: 

  • Very high accuracy in production.
  • Quick deployment time.
  • Applicability to small problems as well as large ones.


Hire GoodWorkLabs as your Cognitive Computing Developer

After establishing a proven team of Machine Learning experts at Bangalore India, the IT hub and Silicon Valley of India, GoodWorkLabs has set up a cognitive computing solutions studio in the heart of San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA and Bangalore, India. With an expertise in leading software and design platforms, Big Data, app development and game development, GoodWorkLabs has already taken huge leaps in the field of cognitive computing with many giants of the industry.

Most of our customers are companies and individuals who want to harness the abilities of cognitive computing. We are a powerhouse of hands-on end-to-end computing and processing experience which differs us from our competitors.

Our DNA helps us maintain our focus and provide results on time.

DNA of GoodWorkLabs 

#1 – Beauty. Beautiful, easy to use, efficient solutions.

#2 – Scalability. Tough, bug free, optimized and scalable code.

#3 – Agility. Build iteratively and efficiently.

#4 – Innovation. We believe in changing the world through technology & design.

At GoodWorkLabs we are at the forefront of implementing breakthrough technologies, right from developing the best enterprise mobility platform to implementing and innovating ML & AI. And we are now breaking barriers by being one of the first providers of cognitive computing solutions.

If you are looking to innovate and incorporate new technologies such as cognitive computing & machine learning into your business, you have reached the right place. Over the years, we have provided solutions to numerous large scale & small scale companies with our result oriented tech processes.

Come lets harness cognitive computing and grow together.

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