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Officially described as a schema-free SQL Query Engine for Hadoop, NoSQL and Cloud Storage, Apache Drill is a smart distributed query engine which allows flexible mechanism to query multiple data sources without requiring much plumbing.

It is an open source, low-latency query engine for big data that delivers secure and interactive SQL analytics at petabyte scale. With the ability to discover schemas on-the-fly, Drill is a pioneer in delivering self-service data exploration capabilities on data stored in multiple formats in files or NoSQL databases. Drill is fully ANSI SQL compliant and integrates seamlessly with visualization tools.

Its nearest competitor is Google’s Dremel, which can be considered as a user-friendly SQL solution and the strength of its own Infrastructure is a service (IaaS) named BigQuery. However, Dremel isn’t open-source. Apache Drill is often preferable as it has all the features and comparable speed of Dremel, and is open-source at the same time. In short, it is perfect for Hadoop, which is nowadays considered nearly synonymous with the word “Big Data”.


Advantages of using Apache Drill

Having understood the capabilities of Drill, let us have a look at some of the advantages it equips its users with. Apart from being trustworthy, flexible and bug free, it allows smooth business on a daily basis.

  • Enterprises do not need to depend on a select talent pool to access and analyse data. The existing talent pool and resources on ANSI SQL can be utilized to get results quickly.
  • The SQL Analysts and Business Intelligence specialists can query and analyse data quickly and enterprises do not have to depend on data preparation by the IT department for a long time.
  • The IT department can bypass the unnecessary schema maintenance tasks and ETL cycles and still have simple and straightforward governance with the help of granular access mechanisms that are easy to deploy.
  • Drill can identify the schema of any data on the fly, anytime. This allows the data analysts to query the data from any source without needing to create any type of schema definition.
  • Data analysts can use the Apache Drill to query the Parquet and JSON files just with the help of normal ANSI SQL format, just like in the case of structured database.
  • Apache Drill has a flexible data model that makes it easy for anyone to manipulate or query data from almost any type of source.


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